We’re happy to announce VEQ’s investment in Vitala


Today we’re thrilled to announce that VEQ is backing the Vitala team!

The digital health platform Vitala just raised capital to continue their growth journey and create increased physical activity among patients with chronic illnesses. Vitala combines evidence based knowledge and tech to customise medical exercise and rehabilitation to patients in an automated, efficient and secure way. VEQ led the investment round of more than 9 million SEK and invested alongside current investors such as Curus (previous Add Health Media), Partnerinvest Norr and several reputable health tech investors. 

“Medical exercise will be as natural to prescribe as pain killers” says Jesper Aasa, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Vitala. 

The company was founded in December 2020 and has since then launched its medical exercise app that has already helped over 5000 patients to a better health.The founding team (consisting of the three siblings Lisa, Jesper and Petter Aasa) is now in the midst of launching their unique caregiver dashboard that makes it possible for doctors to prescribe the Vitala app to their patients as a part of the treatment and also follow up on their health development. 

“Vitala has built a unique and scalable product that truly helps patients to feel better and live a healthier life. We’re impressed by what the founders have achieved so far and incredibly proud to be a part of Vitalas exciting journey”, says VEQ Partner Maria Bergsten.

Let’s go, team Vitala!