VEQ invests in drone software company Airpelago


We are very excited to announce that we’ve invested in drone software company Airpelago!

Airpelago develops software that automates the inspection of power lines with drones. Drones are the future solution for efficient inspection of power lines and the transition to start using drones at scale has just begun. Airpelago’s software automates the inspection workflow and the solution is compatible with most professional off-the-shelf drones, which effectively facilitates the scaling of Airpelago’s software as a service. 

​​”Drones will soon be the first choice for the inspection of overhead power lines. It’s just a question about how soon. The transition to start using drones has already begun and the right time for scaling is now. We see a market that is ready to take off with drones now being good enough, a new drone regulation framework harmonized throughout the EU, and increased client awareness. To be able to continue developing our product at a high pace and to accelerate our sales efforts, we need capital and knowledgeable investors – which we have found in VEQ” says Max Hjalmarsson, CEO of Airpelago. 

Viktor Gällström is the lead partner from VEQ for the investment and comments: “We are very impressed by the Airpelago team. Besides having extensive experience from the drone ecosystem, they have managed to build a modular software that effectively solves a concrete customer need. We believe that Airpelago is well equipped to meet the increased maturity we now see in this market and we are proud to be a part of their journey”

Read full press release here.