Helping founders turn their good ideas into profitable businesses

We invest in early stage tech companies with good ideas - and with good ideas we mean ideas that also leave some kind of positive impact.

Our investments


Our philosophy

VEQ invests in early stage software companies with innovative, digital and scalable business ideas.

We look for founders who show grit, intelligence, and maybe most of all, integrity and a moral compass pointing in the right direction.

We are not like other VC’s. Our experience from having worked hands-on with hundreds of founding teams, not only giving strategic advice, but writing the lines of code, and the pool of resources close to us through VNTRS, makes us one of the few real operational venture capital investors in the Nordics and Baltics.

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What we look for


For us, the single most important factor is the team. We want to invest in teams that show grit, intelligence and moral integrity.


Tech and digital products are what we know and what we believe will empower the future.


You're in the perfect stage for us if you're just bringing in your early customers and can show that they're willing to pay.


The entire world should be able to take part of the value you create, which is why we like internationally scalable businesses.

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Let’s meet up and take it from there

VEQ Coaches

We have handpicked a group of trusted people with different functional and industry expertise, who will engage with our companies hands-on and help them in the most important areas to start scaling.

We will be able to support our companies in the best way possible in the following areas:

  1. Product – Build and design your product
  2. Growth – Commercialize and market your offering
  3. Finance & Legal – Keep your house in order
  4. People – Attract and retain the best talent

We will match the specific needs of each company with the areas of expertise from our coaches to make sure we add value to each company at the stage they are in.

Latests news

Airpelago drone

VEQ increases ownership in drone software company Airpelago

We are happy to announce that we’ve increased our ownership in drone software company Airpelago by leading their 8,5 mSEK seed round.

Globhe press image

GLOBHE closes seed round of 20 MSEK to accelerate access to climate data from drones globally

VEQ investee company GLOBHE just closed their seed round, and we’re happy to welcome new investors such as Course Corrected and MIT onboard. We invested i ....

Vitala team

We’re happy to announce VEQ’s investment in Vitala

Today we’re thrilled to announce that VEQ is backing the Vitala team!

We’re also entrepreneurs who have been in the same shoes as the people we want to invest in

about us

We look for entrepreneurs sharing our core values, and we are strong believers in that diversity and sustainability are drivers of profitability and not only words used in an investor presentation.